The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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Victor Comstock Character Profile

Background to begin:
Victor’s hometown had to be within a day’s journey from Pittsburgh in order for Betty to make the trip during “Like a Brother”.
(I think backwoods West Virginia would be a good place.)
He appears to be in his late-thirties or early forties, and he has no living relatives.
He certainly had a liberal education somewhere, having such a robust vocabulary and being a forward thinker for his time.
A good portion of his early career in radio was spent in New York, where he had a serious romantic relationship with actress Grace Cavendish.
The only mention of a program that he actually did in New York was a radio show called “Sounds Dangerous” for author-explorer Cutter Dunlap.
And he did write a little comedy.
He later left New York because Grace left him, and because he felt hampered by the tentative producers of his radio programs.
At the time of the first episode, he had been station manager of WENN for just over a year.
Profile coming soon...