The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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A place for those who had a place, but not a name.

"Armchair Detectives". Policeman. An enthusiastic cop, but he is confused by actors. I hope he didn't hurt his nose...
"Radio Silence". Burly Guy. A rude guy that didn't mind mud-slinging the deceased. But he was easily changed.
"Newsday". Uniformed Cop 1. A shy guy, but a loving husband, at least when thrown on the air.
"Newsday". Uniformed Cop 2. A guy that didn't care what you thought about what he said or did.
"Who's Scott Sherwood?" Moving Man. Well, he could carry stuffed bass and stuff as well.
"The New Actor". Auditionee. He looked desperate for a role, and minded terribly if you cut the line.
"The New Actor". Bad British Actor. He had a little trouble with delivery.
"The New Actor". Mime Artist. A really good mime, but he didn't take criticism very well.
"You've Met Your Match". Distinguished Man. He didn't quite make it on the show, but he did make it out with an autographed photo of Hilary, whom he didn't know.
"And If I Die...". Uncredited Record Supervisor. Famous for falling asleep the same moment Betty laid down on a stool.
"Hilary's Agent". Fireman. Ready and willing with an axe when Virginia Mayo gets a part.
"The Follies of WENN". Policeman. Sort of a self-righteous sleezebag.
"All's Noisy...". Male Attendant. He did a nice job doing his job.
"All's Noisy...". Uncredited Lost Man. He needed to know how to get from France to the doorway.