The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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Just a couple things I had written down... (much more to come)
Episode 53: Past Tense, Future Imperfect
Miss Roberts. Come in. Sit down, catch your breath.

Oh, well, it’s ah, not John Steinbeck or John Milton or John Dunn, but it’s, um… done, Mr. Comstock.

Oh yes, Mr. Eldridge, ah, brought me the new script; I’ve just been looking at it.

Oh. So it’s ok?  I mean you’re going on the air with it, so I guess it’s ok.

Well, Miss Roberts, in order to fill 15 minutes of sponsored air time that would otherwise be a seething sonata of static sounds
we are sometimes inclined to define the word “OK” in a rather magnanimous manner.

It’s not ok.

No! To the extent that you have given us on insanely short notice, a program that is technically fit for broadcast, you are to be congratulated.

Oh! Oh, what a relief! I thought you said…

However, there are certain principles of radio narrative that you might want to keep in mind for the future.

Oh. Oh, certainly. Such as?

Well the first example that springs to mind you have conveniently placed here on the very first page.
I meant that you’re a different type of woman in a different type of profession. 
Your writing style might still be a bit unwieldy, but I’d rather have the passion that you pour onto every page
and into this brave new world of radio than all of the typewriter taping, monochromatic, milk-toast men who preceded you.
Betty, you’re more than just a person to me…you’re a pioneer.
And someday you’re going to be sitting in an office just like that, an inspiration to other young women like yourself.
Episode 56: All's Noisy on the Pittsburgh Front
And here's the new programming schedule that I'm proposing:
emphasis on news, documentaries about the historical context of the Axis and Allied alignment, patriotic essays...

I don't see Hands of Time...or Valiant Journey.

Well, I thought that soap operas would seem so trivial compared to the immense human drama that we're now all...

There's no Custard the Clown.

...a part of.

No Glint Grab-Bag.

Yes, I've brought comedy and variety down to almost nothing...


I mean war's no laughing matter.

What do you think this country is fighting for, hm? Life. Liberty. And the right to do silly radio programs.
We're not just fighting for France, Betty, we're fighting for Frank Sinatra crooning,
Johnny Weissmuller lagooning, Captain Ahab harpooning, Bugs Bunny cartooning.
This is more than just Mother, Love, and Country. This is for Moe, Larry, and Curly.
I was trying to do, you know, the responsible thing.

I had the same first impulse myself, then I realized that the reason we are in this thing is so that men and women of every race and creed
can come home after a hard day's work and take a beer out of the icebox and sit in their underwear listening to Rance Shiloh, US Marshall.
The day we lose Custard the Clown, Betty, we've lost the war.