The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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Scott Sherwood Character Profile

Background to Begin:
Where do I begin? There is so much we think we know about Scott.
He probably grew up with his Aunt Agatha in Massachusetts, but instead of learning to be honest with the local boy scout troop,
he taught his peers progressive betting in roulette.
He was enrolled in an Ivy League school, but he never felt comfortable there, so he joined the Merchant Marine instead.
He had been all over the world, ranging from flying the trans-Siberian mail service to sailing off a reef near  Samoa.
He ran a trans-Texas zepplin service and claimed was a expertise in zinc mining, of all things.
He gambled wherever he went: Singapore, Peking, Cairo, London, Madagascar and many more.
He has been friendly with more than several ladies, but only Hildegard and Maxine were mentioned.
In 1936-37, he had to break codes for the Popular Front during the Spanish Civil War because
his endeavor with the World Bullfighting League out of Madrid went sour when officials learned that a fight was fixed.
Apparently he spent time as a private detective and as an associate of the ASPCA, which to our knowledge, went “excellently”.
From Aunt Agatha’s comments in “Scott Sherwood of the FBI”, his father had probably passed away by 1940,
but it seemed as if he had a large family (full of black sheep). He was probably in his mid-thirties when coming to the station.
He met Victor in a London pub named the “George and Dragon”, and conned his way into a managerial position at WENN.
Profile coming soon...