The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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Rollie Pruitt Character Profile

Rollie first appeared in "Christmas in the Airwaves", but he returned in five episodes, mostly from the third season.
Rollie is the chief financier of Globe Enterprises, the company that owns WENN.
He considers things only in terms of dollars and cents and takes pride in not having a sense of humor.
Although a stuffy stuffed shirt, Mr. Pruitt tries to save the "Tell it to Santa" program because he "knows all the lines".
What ensues is the FUNNIEST Santa Claus moment in the history of film and television, with "the Satanic Santa".
Since Scott Sherwood has raised the revenue of WENN to just under the break even point, Rollie proposes shutting the station down
because it is "no longer a helpful deduction or a tiny profit".  He is foiled in his plot to do so, but he soon returns to investigate another matter of money in...
"Who's Scott Sherwood?". Rollie loves conducting surprise audits as some other people might enjoy a vacation.
By the end of the episode he tosses Scott to the curb and takes over as the station manager.
In "The New Actor", he dislikes the idea of getting what you pay for. As it turned out, the only person they could afford is the only one he didn't want.
Scott is assured to be payed like the lowliest apprentice, and even the wounded Betty Roberts sticks up for him in Mr. Pruitt's presence.
The one time Rollie ever shows anything besides his cold, cruel exterior is in "The Importance of Being Betty", where he pulls out all the stops in
order to keep Betty at WENN (because she is good for business, of course). In fact, he did a much better job than the rest of the cast combined!
It's here that we learn that he actually was a kid once, and that his favorite sport was basketball. He's still snobbish and rude,
but he stops for a moment when Betty says that her job and soul searching has nothing to do with money, and he makes a note of it. LOL!
There's something there that we could probably grow to (maybe) like in Mr. Pruitt. But wait! He lets loose in "Happy Homecomings" with the 
secret that he's not the big, bad guy we all thought he was! Even though we learn here that he writes and speaks against the Allies...
he turns out to be a good guy! ...If only the illusion had lasted. A mere few minutes later we find that he was lying again and that he turned out
to be a Nazi spy who had it in for Victor and Betty... with dreams about Scott that we can only imagine.
Rollie has the distinction of being the only person to ever get shot in Remember WENN, although there have been lots and lots of guns throughout the series.
Scott trusses up Mr. Pruitt after Victor shoots him in "Some Time Some Station", and his cheapskatedness shines through again when he offers 
Scott and Mackie thirty dollars to let him go. We never see what happens to Mr. Pruitt at the end of the episode, but it is assumed that he went to prison or something.
While Rollie is obviously a miser and quite possibly one of the worst sort of characters a person could ever meet, he showed a very brief glimpse
(although he threatened shooting several people just before) of a man with a sympathetic side to his story. His first thought after being shot is, "Mummy will be furious".
He might have had a hard upbringing, feeling a great lack of love at  home. His family was extremely rich (one that could rent the Boston Celtics every Saturday).
I don't know... just a thought.