The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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Other Guest Characters:

(These characters have each appeared in only one episode.)
Mr. Gianetti:  From "On the Air". W.E.N.N.'s head writer who composes epic poems, but has difficulty staying focused on the day's task. He doesn't mind a drop or two from the bottle or his hidden flask.
Willis Thorndyke: From Episode 2. W.E.N.N.'s other engineer. He was rather short-sighted when it came to new ideas, and prone to miss meanings. He was sort of an annoying, blunt type of character.
Jack Desmond: From "There but for the Grace". A reporter from the 'Globe', who seems to have had lots of experience with interviewing celebrities. He's tired when he interviews Hilary for an article about Grace Cavendish.
Grace Cavendish: From "There but for the Grace". The Broadway and movie star who was romantically involved with Victor in New York. She had understudied Hilary in Razzle Dazzle and taken over her role after she dumped a little Zinc Sulfate in Hilary's tea. A very kind, thoughtful person since becoming a star. She included everyone in her good graces and good memory... she remembered Mackie and Mr. Eldridge from the past. But she was still wanting to coerce Victor into another try at their lost relationship.
Angela from Avalon: From "Sight Unseen". A fan of WENN who passionately listened to "The Vagabond" and wrote a letter to be read on the air. Although blind, she saw through people pretty clearly.
George Smith: From "Emperor Smith". A waiter from The Buttery who fills in for Mackie on "The Hands of Time". A regular guy that took life's hardships pretty well. 
Walter Snell: From "Emperor Smith". The writer of "Snoops and Scoops", a columnist for a Pittsburgh newspaper. A nosy gossip reporter that knows a little too much about Jeff and Hilary.
Larry Looper: From "Armchair Detectives". The former butler imprisioned for the murder of millionaire Carlton Killion. An uncouth, but honest guy, wrongly accused and ready to prove himself innocent.
Dr. Sebastian: From Episode 9. A doctor from Altoona. A nice, positive person who looked like he loved to help people.
Ted E. Peck: From "Valentino". A movie director who got thrown out of Hollywood  to work on Navy films. He couldn't quite handle dialouge and he had rather carnal tendancies in his taste of movies.
Paul Rice:  From "Valentino". A drama student from "Carnegie-Mellon University" (it wasn't founded until 1966). He was an avid fan of Hilary Booth and ended up working for Mr. Peck as Raul Ramano.
"Bob": From "Valentino". An ordinary Joe who doesn't know the difference between a Hookah and a Hooker.
Todd Varick:  From "A Capital Idea".?
Mr. Bedlow: From "Newsday". An organist from the local skating rink. A little socially unstable, but definitely trying to break free of unmeaningful work. He only knew one song and didn't know quite what to do with drama.
Giles Aldwych: From "Don't Act Like That". Hilary's former mentor and drama instructor. A very prideful man, and a little bit of a cheapskate, but all in all a great actor and nice person.
Leona St. James:  A Hollywood gossip show host who gushes, but is a little slow with her info.
Gloria Redmond: From "Christmas in the Airwaves". The owner of WENN, CEO of Globe Enterprises. She is also a very successful recording artist. A deeply hurt lady, suffering from the loss of her husband, but also a kind and generous person who liked the people at WENN very much.
Gil Martin: From "Christmas in the Airwaves". Band leader of the group "Martin's Melodies" from England. A great musician and also a nice guy.

Mary and Alice: From "Christmas in the Airwaves". The two lucky girls that get on the program "Tell it to Santa". At first, seemingly spoiled, they get the shock of their lives.

Ruth Geddy: From "Behind Every Great Woman". A Broadway star and recording artist who knows Hilary from the stage. A very self-important person, but a great singer and a glamourous celebrity.
Luke Langly: From "Strange Bedfellows". A starter for the Pittsburgh Pirates with 17 wins who is running for City Counsel. He's a real down to earth guy.
Dr. Bickman: From "Close Quarters". A doctor from Washington D.C. "without portfolio", who is very self-conscious about his position and very power hungry.
Agatha Sherwood:From "Scott Sherwood of the FBI". Scott's Aunt from Nantucket who is sick of Scott pretending to be a white sheep. She's a chip off the old block.
Collins: From "Scott Sherwood of the FBI". A fellow prankster who, very convincingly, pretends to be a real FBI agent.
Warren Dunlap: From "The First Mrs. Bloom". He was a drama student and a Justice of the Peace. He was very willing to do the part, but didn't quite pick up on the fact the Betty and Mackie were a little... uh, hesitant. 
Pepper Canarsie: From "Like a Brother". A old-time Vaudeville performer and friend of Mr. Eldridge who has been reduced to performing for degrading commercials.
Humphries: From "Magic". As Mayor-elect of Pittsburgh, he appears on "Magic Time" to verify that the wool was pulled over Hilary's eyes.
Archbishop Montague Chauin: From "Magic". He "swore" that Hilary couldn't see, and we hope his prayers are with them.
Cutter Dunlap: From "In the WENN Small Hours". A world renowned author and explorer who has been all over the globe. He also knew Victor from his days in New York.
Euripedes Moss: From "Drama Vs. Comedy". A brand new playwriter who offers "The Bell of Babylon" for Jeff and Hilary's return to the stage. He's in love with his tragedy.
Chuck Crowley: From "Two for the Price of One". The rather shallow owner of Pittsburgh radio station WEEP. He has a taste for good radio, he just can't come up with any original ideas of his own.
Pavla Nemkova: From "Another Mrs. Singer". She's a Czechoslovakian gold-digger who forced Jeff to marry her in return for her silence to the Germans about Victor. All she wants is fame and money.
Alan Ballinger: From "Nothing Up My Sleeve". A magician or mentalist who used to do stand up comedy until his audiences stood him up. He knew Maple in the past and usually conned famous women into telling him a deep, dark secret in order to reveal it and gain notariaty for himself. He turned out to be a nice person in the end who seemed to actually love Hilary.
Bishop Kenneth Quinn: From "Nothing Up My Sleeve". The guest on "Magic Time" who was accused of having pictures of bathing beauties, but really only had a very rare religious book. He didn't want to hang around Alan any more than he had to.
Palermo Racine: From "A Star in Stripes Forever". Mackie's former employer who had a little run in with the law. He's still not above employing a little blackmail to further his "insurance" company.
Link: From "A Star in Stripes Forever". One of Palermo's "men", as opposed to "gentlemen". He's pretty willing to do whatever Palermo wants.
Bob Farraday: From "A Girl Like Maple". He was a congressman, aspiring presidential candidate who appeared nice, became enthralled by Maple's fake accent,  but turned out to be a fake himself, originating from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. He wouldn't allow a girl like Maple to tarnish his new-found reputation.
Desmond Quist: From "Eugenia Bremer, Master Spy". A British counter-intelligence agent sent to root out Nazis undercover in America. Desmond was a head-strong guy with lots of knowledge about his enemy.
Drake Stanley: From "Courting Disaster". He was Jeff's coniving, woman chasing, fortune hunting lawyer who tried to sue Hilary without Jeff's knowledge for $100,000. 
Lazlo Iojeck: From "Courting Disaster". He appeared on WENN's courtroom show, as the defendant with a confusing name.
Joseph Greyhawk: From "And How!". He played the part of 'The Strange Loner's' sidekick "Rondo the Reasonable Redman". A very down to earth guy who didn't like his role, but put his kids through college with it.
Patrick: From "And How!". A boy who won a contest with the essay, "What the Strange Loner Means to Me", in order to witness the un-masking of 'The Strange Loner'. A very wide-eyed little kid.
Gavin Landru: From "And How". The very drunk star of "The Strange Loner", who had to be literally picked up at the train station. He was moving on to make it big in the movies. He never seemed to care much about his radio show, reportedly showing up late, unprepared and usually drunk.
Godfrey Clendenon: From "The Ghost of WENN". A man with a very hard to pronounce last name. He presented Hilary with an award for her various perfromances. He's a sort of timid, star-struck fan.
Jane Smith: From "Caller ID". The lady with a death wish because she knew she would lead an ordinary, dull life - unlike the characters she loves on WENN. She's a crazy romantic that needs hope. 
Sgt. O'Shea: From "Caller ID". A really sweet Irish-American police officer who helped save Ms. Smith.
Jonathan Arnold II: A more genuine cowboy who replaced his former namesake. I wonder how long he lasted...
Mrs. Etruscan: From "Some Time, Some Station". A cleaning lady who comes in and lets Victor know he's dressed like a policeman.
Harry (Eldridge?): From "Thanks a Lottery". Mr. Eldridge's great nephew is an accountant who kindly invests Mr. E's new-found money to buy the majority stock of WENN. A very polite and kind great nephew.
Charles Abernathy: From "And if I Die...". The officiater of the rules of the record making venture who was paid off by the last record holder to try to mess of the WENN people by depriving them of caffine.
Naomi Brumpton: From "And If I Die". The nurse who had an eye for Scott "Sherwood" Comstock. She deprived people of caffine and tried to get them to mess up as well.
Rex Noble: From "Hilary's Agent". A Broadway producer doing Antony and Cleopatra and looking at Hilary for the role. He was a very busy, but he was very interested in Hilary and impressed with Doris. 
Brian Wilburforce: From "Hilary's Agent". Hilary's lazy agent who gets fired immediately.
Cora: From "Birth of a Station". A very pregnant lady who dillusionally thinks that Young Dr. Talbot is real. Because of her condition, she is demanding and impatient. 
Phineas Parkington: From "Follies of WENN". A buddy of Scott's from the past. Sort of a ladies man in his own right, but also a guy who wants to do his best for his friends.
Luke Winthrop: From "Follies of WENN".The brother of Mr. Winthrop from the first season who is in a hard place with his school.
Ms. Frye: From "Follies of WENN". A hard-nosed, straight-laced school marm. She is in charge of the Barbican Hotel for Women.
Mr. Hardy: From "Follies of WENN". The guy in charge of the Barbican. A positively happy person. Played by Mickey Rooney.
Sheldon Globe: From "Pratfall". A very annoying host to the PRAT Awards. (The Pittsburgh Radio Achievment Trophy.) He has bad jokes by the bucket full along with a lot of bad manners. Someone totally full of himself.
Walt Winchell: From "Pratfall". A random guy that Hilary pays to come in and read something so she can annouce it.
Arden Sage: From "Workshift". A self-titled philosopher who likes to cash in on the obvious. He hoodwinked the WENN crew into changing jobs in order to give himself a little publicity.
Cribby Menlo: From "At Cross Purposes". A guy from Hollywood who knew both Scott and Maple in the worst way...
"Captain Amazon": From "All's Noisy...". A delusional psycho-case who believes that he is the famous "soldier of fortune". He's short, to the point, and takes everything personally.