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by Jen Payne
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Mackie Bloom Character Profile

Background to Begin:
McKinley Cornelius Bloom had an uncle named Leopold, but we don’t know where Mackie grew up. 
He claims to have fought during World War I, in France at the Battle of Verdun.
However, this battle took place in 1916, before the United States entered the war.
He could have volunteered to fight for the French Army, or he could have been mistaken about which battle he was in.
In 1920, Mackie was engaged to be married to Penelope Cominger, but with his meager salary,
her wealthy father convinced him that he did not make enough to make her happy, and he did not show up to his wedding.
When starting out as an actor, he played with the Michigan Mummers and Minstrels.
He was the youngest principle actor to ever tour with them, playing a character named Mr. Bones.
The struggling company went bankrupt while performing in Steubenville, Ohio, leaving Mackie penniless and on his own.
From there he got a job through the local employment agency chauffeuring Palermo Racine and his “boys” around town, picking up very generous tips.
When driving the getaway car to a robbery, Mackie drove right into the nearest policeman he could find.
When the truth was discovered, Palermo testified that Mackie was in it from the beginning and he was sentenced to 2 years in the Ohio State Penitentiary.
It was soon reduced to 6 months by the kindly warden, James Cadwallader.
Mackie is the "Man of a Thousand Voices" at WENN. He specializes in character roles and does most of the announcing.
Profile coming soon...