The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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Jeffrey Singer Character Profile

Background to Begin:

Jeff seems slightly younger than his wife, Hilary Booth, whom he married in Mexico.
Nothing is known about Jeff’s family, except for his aunt who profited from Roosevelt’s New Deal.
At one point, he worked in the steel mills, but he soon began acting.
Before he met Hilary he played Harry Houdini in ‘Portrait of an Escape Artist as a Young Man’.
Let me see if I can recall his list of plays… (Updates will probably be added as I find them out)…
He had the famous two seasons at the Louisville Repertory Theater, where he played Mark Anthony in Julius Caesar.
Also, he played in The Senator From Broadway, and “the killer”, Dr. Barley, in Murder, Anyone?.
He played Prince Hal in Henry IV. There has got to be more!

At WENN, Jeff handles all the major romantic leads.
Profile coming soon...