The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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C. J. "McHugh" Character Profile

As there is no mentioned backstory for C.J., I will simply begin:
C. J. is a nice, regular guy who blends in a little too much and too often with the controls in the control room.
He's extremely knowledgeable about the broadcasting equipment and came through for the gang in many circumstances.
In most strange situations he was known to hold up his hands with a perplexed look on his face when the actors looked to him for help.
He nearly went mad in "Two For the Price of One", but thankfully the dial broke and the problem was fixed. Good work!
Being forgotten by both Mackie in "Christmas in the Airwaves" and by Hilary in "The Ghost of WENN", it's no wonder that he felt a little unknown.
C. J. was often eating on-screen: he loved chicken legs (courtesy of Scott) and "cowflesh", although I think he would prefer a different name for it.
Cranberry jelly must also be on his favorite foods list. And now that I think of it... he was having a Welsh Rarebit at the Buttery as well...
Mentioned owned articles: a stuffed albatross and some rope. Pretty spooky!
He unexpectedly left the daytime shift by the fourth season. I missed him! I wish we knew more!